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AMZE Platform

To create a smooth travel booking experience that incorporates next gen decentralized blockchain technology and reward incentives through AMZE token. By tying our own AMZE token with traditional and other crypto method of payments, customers will experience safe, secure and transparent pricing structure alongside a futuristic travel platform before they embark on their journey.

Site will be used to book flights, hotel and attractions.

Customer to use either native token AMZE or any local currency.

Earn rewards and book travel itinerary with peace of mind.

What is AMZE?

AMZE is a Utility Token which will be used in the ecosystem that has been developed with various outlets associated with the Amaze World. There are tie-ups in different categories such as Airport Transfers, Holiday Packages, Bars-Discos, Restaurants and multiple other tourist establishments and facilities worldwide; where you can avail special deals on products and/or services by utilizing AMZE token.

Benefits to AMZE token holders

Road Map

At the Amaze Global Pty. Ltd., the leadership team has devised a concrete plan whereby they have listed the milestones that are already achieved and goals that are to be completed in the coming months and years. While at one end this roadmap helps the founding body to have a clear deadlines and deliverables, it also gives the community an overall blueprint of the development plans and milestones.

Project Conceptualization Completed. An agreement is done with Legal Advisory Firm. Selected location, a primary agreement prepared.
Finalized Maze Development Company. Cooperation with various blockchain specialists & advisors to form strategic alliance. Designing of AMAZE Platform.
Completed AMZE Token generation and Smart contract auditing. Designing AMZE membership and reward scheme. Launched AMZE Platform. Completed legal formalities with local government. Strategic Alliance with local partners. Infrastructure Development, Construction of Amaze World as well as Technology Development.
Alliance with Airlines and Travel Companies. Alliance with Tour Operators and Travel Portals. Expanding Business Tie-ups and Partnerships. Opening of 1'st tourist attraction at Pattaya. Aggressive PR and Marketing across the world.
Expanding operation and business tie-ups Malaysia. Complete legal formalities with local government. Developement of Second Attraction. Strategic Alliance with local partners.
Opening of 2'nd Amaze World at Malaysia. Proceeding for 3'rd & 4'th location of Amaze World at Australia & Spain.
Successfully launch operations in 4 countries and expanding to multiple destinations to serve the global tourist community as per business plan. Further expansion & Global dominance.

Token Allocation

  • 5% Private Sale

    AMZE sold to seed investors, VCs and accredited investors during first round.

  • 20% Public Sale

  • 10% Ecosystem & Community Development

  • 15% Team & Founder

  • 50% Reserved

Release Details

  • Private Sale (5%):
    2 months fully locked, then 20% monthly unlocked over 2 months, then 10% monthly unlocked over 6 months.
  • Public Sale (20%):
    No locking.
  • Eco System and Community Development (10%):
    10% monthly unlocked over 10 months.
  • Team & Founders (15%):
    12 months fully locked, then 10% monthly unlocked over 10 months.
  • Reserved (50%):
    15 months fully locked, then 25% yearly unlocked over 4 years.

Distribution of Tokens

Our clients — both corporate and private ones — will access all the services they need from a single platform.

Blockchain technology gives us the chance to make your finances grow faster and give better returns.

Token Allocation

  • 5% Private Sale

    AMZE sold to seed investors, VCs and accredited investors during first round

  • 20% Public Sale

  • 10% Ecosystem & Community Development

  • 15% Team

  • 10% Liquidity Fund

  • 40% Foundational Reserved

Funds Distribution

  • 27% PR & Marketing

  • 27% Overheads & Development

  • 18% Global Expansion

  • 10% Leagal & IT Systems

  • 10% Reserved Fund

  • 2% Charity

Meet The Team

Advisory Board


It’s a standard BEP20 utility token on blockchain executed by Smart Contract and BSC.

Very good. You hold or exchange on exchange platforms. If You choose to hold and the value will go up, then spend on your dream vacation. Beautiful..!!

Very simple. Use Amaze World Token to go on a holiday and travel around the world. The liquidity of the AMZE will be maintained by integration with the exchange market and continuous work on the value of the product.

Absolutely. Our plan is to add our token to at least 4 exchanges. We have already established strong relationships with several exchanges and remember you will be able to instantly use the AMZE to book hotels/restaurants/flights/shopping and a lot more directly without third party.