White Paper v2.0.7

September 2021


A Business where traveller meets destination.

Established in 2019 Amaze World envision to be one of the leading travel company with the adoption of decentralised technology by harnessing the power of blockchain.

Amaze World offers services that allow travellers to travel and enjoy the experience of being transparent, sound, easy, and secure. Travellers can visit world-class tourist facility along with a splash of entertainment at multiple tourist locations across the globe.

Each location will be equipped with all tourist facilities along with some of the world’s biggest tourist attraction centre that will provide a quality experience and a positive balance for both, residents and tourists, at a destination.

Amaze is supported by its native currency AMZE token. Empowering travellers by enabling them to access global tourist facilities through AMZE utility token at associated partner desk worldwide and enjoy world of rewards.

Amaze World is also looking to establish themselves in Gold Coast (Australia), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Barcelona (Spain) to name a few. Each location will be equipped with all tourist facilities along with some of the world’s biggest tourist attraction centre that will provide a quality experience and a positive balance for both, residents and tourists, at a destination.

Our aim to create a ecosystem which not only disrupts the current outdated platform but also to take a leap into evolution of tourism that will fundamentally change the relations between consumers and their travel service provider.

The Market


Travel & Tourism industry is one of the world’s largest industries with a direct contribution to global GDP amounted to just under 2.9 trillion U.S. dollars in 2019. The tourism sector employs 292 million people, which is roughly 1 in every 10 persons on the planet. In fact, it is entirely possible that this market might grow faster than projected as newer and better destination options and new tourist attractions continue to gain consumer acceptance.

Despite being one of the world’s largest and oldest industries, global travel consumption is still rapidly growing, driven by emerging markets, fresh demand by a new generation of travellers, and technological advancements that make traveling easier and more accessible.

The online travel booking boom is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, it is entirely possible that this market grows faster than projected as newer and better booking options and platforms continue to gain consumer acceptance. Decentralised platforms that can solve many of the problems with status quo booking platforms have the potential to accelerate growth in the industry.

At the time of writing this white paper there are *4500+ crypto-currencies in the world and only few offers specific support to the Travel industry. AMZE utility token is specific to the travel industry and provides many tools. It's safe to say the blockchain and cryptocurrency world is uniquely invested in the success of the businesses they support. Therefore, we view the leveraging of this community as a powerful advantage for Amaze World. When undertaking customer's unfamiliar with blockchain technology Amaze World will incentives the community, share benefits and create a ecosystem to grow the Technology.

The Problem

The Solution

The Amaze World

Lights, sound effects, surprises, story-line, action! Welcome to the Amaze World.

At Amaze World's, we have over 500+ connections with travel agents worldwide supporting our travel portal and world class tourist attraction sites. Starting with our first project at Pattaya, Thailand in 2022.

We aim to spread happiness, provide unforgettable moments of fun and entertainment through innovative, world class, safe and unique experience to all our patrons through our chain of Amaze World across the international tourist destinations.

A wide range of gaming machines including AR & VR games, Delicious international food serving Cafeteria, a Sports Bar, a Children’s Play Area, a Relaxing Lounge, Sleeping Pods, and Live Performance are some of the facilities for visitors.

We, at Amaze World are bound to create the best and most attractive tourist destination that creates a sense of excitement, piques curiosity and provides the thrill of a challenge with each experience. Enjoy our craftsmanship and scientific approach in design with most relaxing ambience and nice facilities.

The Amaze World – Objectives

Tourist Engagement and Facilities

Hours of Operations: Normal Opening Hours for the Mirror Maze and Club Lounge would be: Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm. General Tourist Facilities will be available for 24x7 for all days.

Travel time utilization: Convert your additional hours into relaxing hours at Amaze World’s 24x7 lounge or at associated partner’s Airport lounge.

Transfer services: Easily manage your airport or hotel transfer with our affiliated partner across the globe using AMZE.

Upgrade your stay: Avail upgrade in your hotel stay at our partner hotels.

Rewards: Earn the existing AMZE rewards for using our services every time.

Sharing: Joy of gifting the earned AMZE rewards with family and friends, which they can further use to avail Amaze World’s facilities.

World’s Finest Mirror Maze

The Mirror Maze features would include an animatronics pre-show, several incomprehensible chambers, vertiginous drops, disorientating tunnels and a close encounter within the void of space. The Maze would be one of its kind.

They appeal to every age group, from small children to grandparents – in fact anyone with an inquisitive mind who wants to discover what's around the next corner. The maze design is based on a story line. Starts with animated pre-show to get into the storyline and then enjoy your journey in to the world of mirror. The mirror maze will have three different difficulty levels to give you a mind blowing experience with scientific fundamentals of glass, light and sound along with illusion effects.

We, at Amaze World are bound to create the best and most attractive tourist destination that creates a sense of excitement, piques curiosity and provides the thrill of a challenge with each experience. Enjoy our craftsmanship and scientific approach in design with most relaxing ambience and nice facilities.

Project Management

For the Amaze World to successfully launch decentralized technologies to supporting the travel industry, we had to start with solid corporate fundamentals. These fundamentals include building a recognized brand, hiring a world-class team, building a world-class infrastructure, acquiring a robust user base, using cutting edge technology, and satisfying market need.

The entire system flow will be completely transparent and managed under robust IT infrastructure. A dashboard will be provided for live updates on major operational details& transactions. Management, as well as AMZE holder, can monitor the AMZE reward in real-time during the operations. The entire backend system will be designed on blockchain 2.0 technology, and all the services are granted through AMZE only. There will be system at every location that accepts AMZE to serve the visitors. Phase-wise Technical development details will be uploaded on open platform.


  • The entire project has been designed after lots of brainstorming, multiple visits to finalize destination, number of meetings with government authority, the round of discussion with world’s leading maze designer, and multiple meetings with tour operators & agents.
  • Already tied-up with number of registered and unregistered agents for managing tour & site seeing activities for their tourists in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket & Krabi; so very much aware of local market fundamentals and tactics.
  • Apart from the World’s Finest Mirror Maze, there will be multiple facilities and activity to attract and engage more number of tourists. There will be VR & AI Game Zone, Sports Bar, Garden Chess, Kids Play Area, Cafeteria, Event Area and much more to keep the place alive.
  • Vision to extend AMZE acceptance system at Amaze World and associated partners around the world. Second destination Malaysia is already under primary discussion with local partners.
  • Serving the community by supporting Child Education and Old Age Home in the region by the provision of charity; generating employment for locals and creating income sources for tour agents.
  • The project would undergo a series of checks not only from professionals, experts, or co-founders, but also from financial institutions, lenders and legal advisors.
  • AMZE token is offering real-world services that can be availed at Amaze World and its associated partners at multiple destinations across the globe. It will develop an eco-system that will be mutually beneficial for the user as well as vendors. We are adding more tie-ups to provide better use cases. From airport lounge to airport pickup and from hotel stay to shopping and restaurants; we are adding all kinds of vendors to provide you vast area of AMZE utility.



The Whitepapers present an opportunity to having utility tokens of The Amaze World – Tourist Attraction with World’s Finest Mirror Maze and multiple attractions worldwide. Major product, in this case, would be the services, which would be provided through entry tickets and providing a pleasant environment to the people visiting the facility. All the services inside the Amaze World can be accessed through AMZE only. To attract a cross-section of the population; a combination of multiple levels of Mirror Maze along with game zone and tourist amenities will be there. The combination can, however, vary according to the final site selection. Although these particular white papers included Amaze World along with Game Zone, Relaxation Lounge, Sports Bar, Kids Play Zone, Restaurant, Photo Booth, Sleeping Pods, and multiple tourist amenities that will be incorporated with World’s Finest Mirror Maze. AMZE will be an official utility token and reward system for accessing member's benefit of the Amaze World.

Utility & Eco-System

All the services and facilities of the Amaze World can be avail through AMZE and local currency. Starting from entry ticket to merchandise shop; Food zone to Sports Bar; Photo Booth to Game Zone; you can get everything inside AMAZE World through exchanging AMZE.

Apart from the Amaze Word, the AMZE rewards will be used in the ecosystem that has been developed with various outlets that are associated with the Amaze World. There are tie-ups in different categories such as Airport Transfer, Holiday Package, Bar-Disco, Restaurants, and multiple other tourist establishments and facilities worldwide; where you can avail of special deals and can get product and/or services by AMZE. We are continuously expanding the network for better use cases and to serve the AMZE users.

AMAZE ecosystem for Individual Members, Agent, and Travel Partners are based on their membership that can be avail through AMZE rewards only. Registered Individual Member, Agent / Travel Partner can avail attractive discounts and freebies based on their category.

AMZE Holding Rewards for Individual Member

AMAZE ecosystem will reward individual members for holding AMZE (Minimum holding period of last 6 months to start the membership). Membership can be activated through AMZE mobile app. Details of holding rewards will be updated from time to time and it will be available on Amaze World Website.

AMZE Rewards for Travel Agent / Company

AMZE ecosystem offers membership to Travel Agent / Company members in exchange of AMZE. Membership can be activated through AMZE mobile app. Details of tier-wise rewards will be updated from time to time and it will be available on Amaze World Website.

AMZE Platform

To create a smooth travel booking experience that incorporates next gen decentralized blockchain technology and reward incentives through AMZE token. By tying our own AMZE token with traditional and other crypto method of payments, customers will experience safe, secure and transparent pricing structure alongside a futuristic travel platform before they embark on their journey.

Site will be used to book flights, hotel and attractions.

Customer to use either native token AMZE or any local currency.

Earn rewards and book travel itinerary with peace of mind.

AMZE Token

AMZE Token Details:

  • Total supply: 90,000,000
  • Circulating Supply: 54,000,000
  • BEP2 asset on the Binance Chain and BEP20 asset on Binance Smart Chain

AMZE fixed-cap, fungible asset will be created based on Blockchain at the asset’s initialization, and then, no more is ever created. The interplay of AMZE use cases is designed to encourage utilization and loyalty to the ecosystem while increasing distribution and liquidity of the token.

AMZE build on consensus protocol ensures stronger security guarantees well above the 51% standard of other networks. The novel consensus protocol can permanently confirm transactions in under few seconds.

AMZE architecture makes regulatory compliance manageable by validators to meet certain requirements. These include being located in specific countries, holding certain requirements, or passing defined checks.

AMZE is a utility token and not a Proof-of-Asset coin and is not a security under any circumstances. There is no promise of profit or any future value, and the Coins are solely used as a right of access and use of Amaze World platform services in the future. AMZE does not constitute a currency equivalent as they are not issued by any government or central issuer, nor do they represent any relationship or rights to the ownership of the protocol.

AMZE Token Utilization

AMZE ecosystem will grow over time. In Phase 1 of the project, the AMZE is planned to use at the Pattaya location. Each AMZE hold value to our ecosystem and serves purpose of consuming the facilities provided in the ecosystem.

Blockchain and Digital Asset:

AMZE will be deployed on custom blockchain networks created from open-source platform. Smart contracts regulating the governance of the AMAZE ecosystem will be built on a custom blockchain protocol. For our ecosystem is important to settle the transfer in some seconds to meet the consumer needs and for adequate service.


Every time a booking is completed on Amze-World.com, the traveller gets 2% of the total booking price back in AMZE. This is critical for putting the cryptocurrency into the hands of the masses.

AMZE Membership Program

Get up to 5% discounts and up to 5% loyalty rewards on millions of hotel and accommodations worldwide and up to an additional 3% discount when AMZE is used.

AMZE rewards can either be saved towards a future booking or be used in the AMZE Membership Program. By locking AMZE into the Membership tier of their choice, members are eligible to receive the corresponding discounts and loyalty rewards.

The higher the Smart level the greater your rewards will be.

INVITE Program

People can refer friends and family members to Amze-World.com and get rewarded for doing so. When the referral makes a successful booking, they receive a USD $10.00 reward in AMZE. The referer also receives USD $10.00 in AMZE for every invited friend that completes a booking.

Review Rewards

Rewards are also given to all travellers who leave an authentic review on Amze-World.com. It is only possible to submit a review on a confirmed booking, following the stay. All review rewards are given in AMZE.



Chirantan Patel – Co-Founder & CEO – Linkedin

A technocrat at heart and Mechanical Engineer, with his practical approach and well-defined logical skills, leading team to provide cutting edge IT solutions in the area of Public Transportation and NBFC. Having 20+ year of experience in IT industry and joined crypto evolution from 2014. Director of Cursor Soft Pvt. Ltd. & PBS Fashion India LLP.

Ravikiran Gupte – Co-Founder & CMO – Linkedin

A commerce graduate, and with a never-give-up attitude, having an unmatched eye in marketing. Having 32+ years of experience in Smart Cards, Banking & Non-Banking and Public Transportation solutions. Director of Cursor Soft Pvt. Ltd. and PBS Fashion India LLP.

Keyur Patel (UAE) – Co-Founder & COO – Linkedin

Started his carrier as a Network Engineer, worked with HP for the bank’s CBS project in India. Travel is a passion since childhood so finally jumped into the travel business and since 2004, happily serving the international travel industry. CEO at Travelroot and TravelMania.

Chintan Jain (Australia) – Co-Founder & CFO – Linkedin

Major in Business Finance & Management from the Central Queensland University of Australia with over 12+ years of experience. Director of Mojo Communications, Australia; Co-founder & Partner of CenterPoint (First National) Gold Coast Australia Real Estate Agency and Founder of Hotshots Xpresso, Sydney. Having strong business ethics and acute management and people skills.

Himanshu Patel – Chief Technology Officer – CTO – Linkedin

Coding Expert & Database Analyst – Expertise in RFID Technology, Security Algorithm, Web-Service, Embedded System, Big Data (MongoDB), Oracle, and SQL DBA. Electronics & Communications Engineer with 14+ years of professional experience in India, Poland, and Taiwan. Experienced to incorporate strategies to accelerate time-to-market.

Veejay Sony (Thailand) – PR & Marketing

PR expert from IT background with 12+ years of experience in Tourism industry in Thailand. Associated with the large number of travel companies. Based in Thailand and co-founder of My Own Transport Co. Ltd. & My Thai Trip.

Jidakarn T. – Business Development Manager

Business Analyst - Expertise in developing the business of an organization by fostering long-term relationships with new as well as existing customers. She is at build rapport with customers as peers and subordinates.

Jay Patel – Technical Expert – Linkedin

Technologist and Entrepreneur. Having 8+ years of experience in product and technology. Crypto investor and advisor from last 4 years. Ex-CTO of Wishbook, Founder and CEO at Cleverchat and currently working on disruption of AdTech industry.

Dhruv Tailor – Software Engineer – Linkedin

Enthusiastic Software & Internet of Things (IoT) developer with higher experience in Research & Development. Completed multiple innovative and complex projects in Software and Web Application.

Lise Wagnac – Senior Marketing Advisor – Linkedin

Founded Blocplus Marketing and Technology, a marketing firm that offers social media management, PR, fundraising, and training services in blockchain space. She's worked with more than 15 projects aiming to increase organizational efficiency by developing internal processes. Furthermore, she is a co-founder of a beauty business and sports agency with several professional basketball players. Her connections span across Asia and North America from the traditional finance sector to the global sports sector (NFL, NBA, etc).

Sandeep Modi – Marketing Advisor – Linkedin

Strategic brand consultant, Digital Marketer, and Director of advertising agency U and I Resources Pvt. Ltd. Having 25+ years of experience in marketing, brand development, and advertising field.

PM-CUBE GmbH (Germany) – Crypto Advisor

PM-CUBE – Consulting | Development | Financial Technology (pm-cube.com)

Enwisen Global – Legal Advisor

Corporate Compliances & Business Setup | Intellectual Property Rights | Registration & Licensing Services