Chiranjiv PatelMentor


Areas of expertise

He is known for his dynamic personality as a Youth Motivator, Splendid entrepreneur, noble philanthropist and a leader who encourages one to fail in order to know what success tastes Like.
Chiranjiv Patel, a young passionate entrepreneur who started his professional journey at an early age and is now an MD of P.C Snehal group of companies. A computer science graduate, who believed in his self, started an innovative business of unique herbal water treatment liquid immediately after his bachelors & soon he had 17 distributors across the country.
Looking at his finest leadership skills, he has been selected as the global committee of young Entrepreneurs’ Organization, which belongs to the budding entrepreneur of country. He was heading the organization as a Chair for South Asia Region of EO in 2016-2018.
With this immense hard work and experience, he is also devoting his time in mentoring students to enhance entrepreneurship in the country. He is actively involved in leading businesses and organization of the state.

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